Shooter Detection

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K9 All System Inc., sought out the best sensors and software in the industry  and decided to partner with SDS.  K9 feels active shooter situations are a growing problem and concern in our country.  An active shooter situation must have immediate notification and it is paramount that the notification should be quick, easy to understand, be affordable to save lives, protect our communities and families.  We have the ability to install and protect in anywhere in the continental united states. 

Atlanta Active Shooter Detection System utilizes highly sensitive acoustic gunshot detection software and combines it with gunfire flash detection and produces the most capable active shooter system in Georgia available today. K9 All Systems, Inc. utilizes a twin mode system to provide the maximum rate of detection while bringing the number of potential erroneous alerts to zero.


Active shooter detection systems in Atlanta are designed to be compatible with current intrusion control, CCTV surveillance systems, access control and alerting systems.

Through its unique hardware design, K9 All Systems, Inc.  can install the system into your existing building and network infrastructures.  Our system based on the Raytheon technology utilized in the boomerang out door system, a proven mature technology, which is fully scaled for your facility.

The system removes the “human factor” so that nothing is left to interpretation, life loss, and costly delays can be avoided.

Once an ordinance is discharged, two key events instantly occur: An infrared flash and an audible bang.


K9 All Systems, Inc will install sensor modules with twin sensors in your facility that will both “see” and “hear” occurrences.  The software will process the information the sensors provide and announce a shot alert with confidence.

K9 will customize the software solution to provide audio and visually relevant alerts, SMS (text) and email notifications for shot alerts to facility occupants, first responders and/or local law enforcement.

The customizable software embedded in the Guardian solution monitors the Guardian sensors and provides audio and visually relevant alerts, as well as SMS and email notifications for shot alerts and system maintenance warnings to building occupants, first responders and/or local law enforcement.

K9 All Systems, Inc. is a premier systems integrator and a solution has been designed to connect your existing security panel, CCTV system access control and alerting systems.  Integration and the speed of response is of the utmost importance when life is in jeopardy.

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