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Georgia Wander Control & Nurse Call

Caring for residents in long term health care facilities who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other dementia is a very difficult task. Uncontrolled wandering exposes residents to possible life-threatening dangers. Standard door alarms cannot differentiate between a staff member and a resident wander situation.  The solution to resident elopement problems is an access and wander control monitoring system. Our access and wander control system, provides long-term care facilities with selective door locking features, providing maximum, worry-free protection against resident wandering incidents. Our system prevents the elopement of wandering confused and unstable residents, by controlling door access via resident radio frequency tags. Our innovative system improves resident care and provides peace of mind to relatives, staff, and management.


The resident wander control and access control system utilizes the Door Access Control Module. Our door access control module is robust and modular, allowing use of radio tags, key pads, mushroom buttons, bio-metric readers and many more access control devices.

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