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Elements of Access Control Systems

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Access control can be broken down into three core elements. Essentially, these distinct elements define how the access control systems work.

Identification: The main aim of an access control system is to protect your building from unauthorized access, and control the movement of people within. For this reason, the system must enable you to determine the identity of any individual entering the building, or accessing any of the secure areas within the building.

Authentication: After the system has identified an individual, it is imperative that his/her identity is authenticated to ensure that only the right persons are granted access. 

Authorization: With successful authentication, building access control systems are able to grant individuals, access to the building or other restricted areas, based on the set criteria.

The Common Types of Building Access Control Systems

Intruder Detection Systems: These consist of intruder alarms and motion detectors that alert you once an intrusion is detected. These systems can be fitted on the inside, as well as on the outside of your building or facility to ensure that no one tries to gain access without your knowledge. 

Bio-metric Readers: Bio-metric readers are ideal for high security applications to ensure that only the people with the required clearance are able to access sensitive areas within your building. The bio-metric readers work by scanning a person’s unique features such as fingerprints, hand print, or even iris scan, to verify their security clearance.

CCTV Camera Systems: Video surveillance is necessary in high interest security areas to give you a recorded visual of people’s movements. Surveillance cameras offer high-resolution image capture capabilities that can be used with specialized software for facial recognition, vehicle number plate recognition and other high security monitoring and access control functions.

Integration of Systems

Access control, Intrusion control, and CCTV can be integrated into a single system for ultimate security for your staff and facility.  An easy to use interface can combine the three separate systems into an all in one integrated system.  Through Camera Links, users can arm and disarm the system in live view by simply clicking and entering the access code. System managers  can see partition and zone status on cameras and maps and configure event linking actions and event monitoring actions. For a complete security solution, the integration of Intrusion control, CCTV and access control gives users greater control to operate all security operations at once, reducing complexity while saving time and money.


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