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Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to robbery, burglary and theft. It is normal for restaurants to accumulate a large amount of cash on-site. They can be attractive targets of criminal activity. K9 All Systems have a great deal of restaurant security experience and can serve needs that range from basics like burglary protection and fire monitoring to a state-of-the-art video surveillance solution that will greatly enhance your security program. If you operate a single restaurant or are a national chain, K9 All Systems will provide outstanding security differentiated by a high level of customer service. The following information is provided to serve as a frame of reference for the restaurant industry:


  • Eating & drinking establishments comprise the largest segment of the retail industry.  

  • One out of three adults eats in a restaurant on a typical day.

  • Over nine million people are employed in the food service industry in the United States.

  • One out of four retail business locations is an eating and/or drinking establishment.


K9 All Systems security and CCTV systems are an excellent deterrent and protection for your establishment.


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