Unified, Converged, or Integrated Security is the latest trend in security for small to large applications. This technology merges all 3 security platforms together as one. 

The core system is the camera system. The camera server can then connect to the access control system.

Finally, the intrusion system can be joined in. This trifecta of security allows the owner to use 1 application on mobile devices and on desktop computers to see cameras, unlock/lock doors, view maps of the properties, and disarm/arm the intrusion system.

Furthering the technology allows the staff to arm/disarm using their access control badge. No more intrusion codes and no more changing codes when an employee is terminated. Simply turning off their card will top access to the facility and remove their rights to arm/disarm the intrusion system.

Unified technology can connect to Active Shooter Detection Systems, Fire Alarm/Mass Notification Systems, Energy Management Systems to allow the owner absolute control and knowledge of all conditions within their facility.

K9 All Systems has the ability to design and implement this technology to match your needs to protect and secure your staff and property.

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